RAQUETTE is a contemporary brand founded by a design duo – Dana and Violette Basoc, two sisters who decided to follow their mother's vocation, both inheriting her love for the fashion world.
Dana and Violette were always inspired by their mother’s talent. Therefore, the commitment to creating beauty within restraint stayed with them into adulthood.
Violette later pursued her love for fashion by supplementing her study at Istituto Marangoni in Milan, being now brand's designer.
Dana is the marketing wizard of the brand, being the brand's marketing director and fashion photographer.
Violette's childhood nickname, Violette - Raquette, wasn't the only reason the sisters picked this very brand name. Their love for the French style and the idea of the masculine-feminine expression through it, convinced them to name the brand RAQUETTE, because it had such a French je ne sais quoi touch.

RAQUETTE founder sisters in their studio - Dana (the marketing wizard) & Violette (the designer)


RAQUETTE is reinventing essentials each season, focusing on masculine-feminine equation.
We believe in effortless chic. We mix the casual and the going-out: effortless daywear, which can be elevated to be special enough for any occasion. Our signature is the ultimately refined minimalism. Plunging necklines, side slits up to the waist, sharp tailoring - all with a French laid-back ease.

We feel masculine.
We look feminine.
We keep it minimal.


RAQUETTE is proud of having its own factory, based in Eastern Europe - Republic of Moldova, the founder sisters' motherland, where each piece is handcrafted and shaped accurately by professionals.
We believe that fewer, but beautiful, high quality and versatile things will lead to a better and more responsible lifestyle. This is why we focus on essentials and statement pieces — versatile staples that can be effortlessly styled together from dawn to dusk.
We think responsible, although we are not big enough to afford recycling technology.
All the fabric remnants from our manufacturing process are donated to small local artisans who reuse them in making beautiful hand-made goods like artisanal toys, pillows and accessories.